onsdag den 8. oktober 2008

SharePoint TechNet Forums

Her er de vigtigeste Forums fra Microsoft TechNet:

SharePoint - Collaboration
Topics about team sites, project tracking, document collaboration, extranets, etc.
SharePoint - Community Advancement
Topics about improving or expanding the worldwide SharePoint community through blogs, forums, social networking, conferences, user groups, code camps, etc.
SharePoint - General Question and Answers and Discussion
General (typically presales oriented) questions and discussions.
SharePoint - Search
Topics about Search capabilities in SharePoint.
SharePoint - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation
Topics about installation/setup and upgrade/migration as well as administration and operation.
SharePoint - Social ComputingTopics about MySites, blogs, wikis, tagging, social networking, knowledge search and brokering, communities, etc.

her kan du se den samlede liste med SharePoint forums på TechNet.

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